Your health is your wealth

“It is health that is your real wealth” — Mahatma Gandhi

Many entrepreneurs and ambitious people are concerned with climbing the career ladder and building their wealth. However, as you get older or suffer bouts of illness, you will start to appreciate the true value of your health and not take it for granted. Although achieving your goals is understandably important, you don’t need to completely abandon your health in your pursuit of success.

It’s simply not worth sacrificing your physical or mental health for the sake of your financial health. It is as important to lead a balanced lifestyle as it is to have a balanced portfolio, and to treat your health like your savings plan by investing in it regularly.

Certain practices that are common in today’s high-paced world — such as eating lunch at your desk, going home after dark, not having enough sleep — won’t help you in the long run. Working over 12 hours, eating junk food, and only catching a couple of hours of shuteye each day isn’t a healthy way to live and can easily lead to burn-out or severe illness.

And, what’s the point in saving for your future if you’re not going to be able to enjoy it?

Many illnesses these days are stress-related or the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, and are actually avoidable. For example, Type 2 diabetes is a common example of an often self-inflicted disease. And even If you don’t immediately die from an illness, you could still suffer some serious side effects that can last into old age and may stop you from doing some of the things you want to do.
Ultimately, prevention is better than cure. Starting a retirement plan isn’t the only way to make sure you will live comfortably in your autumn years. You can also prepare for your future by taking good care of your health. Otherwise, all those years of chasing dollar signs could cost you dearly, and you could end up paying a much bigger price — financially, physically and emotionally.
If living a longer, healthier life isn’t enough motivation to start caring for your well-being, then see your health as another financial investment, as being healthy can actually save you money in the long run! The cost of medication, doctors appointments and hospital stays can add up to way more than the cost of gym membership, healthy meals and adequate insurance. It may cost a bit of extra money now to stay healthy, but it’s even more expensive to get sick.
Value your health, as you could do much better things with your hard-earned money than spend it on chronic medication and specialist appointments that could have potentially been avoided.
Just as your savings are your responsibility, so is your health. Small lifestyle changes — such as going on a daily walk or drinking a green juice instead of a Coca Cola — can make a big difference.

It’s simple really — exercise regularly, let food be thy medicine, get enough rest, and spend quality time with your loved ones.

And just as you get professional help with your investments, it can also be worth employing experts to help you to attain your lifestyle goals. A personal trainer or a nutritionist can guide you in making good choices, just as a tax consultant can advise you when it comes to filing your tax return.

Ultimately, you still need to do the real graft yourself, but a qualified professional can encourage you, as well as save you from making mistakes that can make it harder to achieve your goals.

Manage your health for the sake of your wealth, and realise the value of a healthy body and mind. As with many things, a bit of foresight and preparation can save you a lot of issues in the long run. Don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting if you wish to make any changes to your financial plan to ensure you can maintain a healthy portfolio that complements, rather than obstructs, a healthy lifestyle.

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